The following list presents all accepted projects for the SHOEMAN competition. Project number is only meant as an identification and does not represent any serialization or selection.

AuthorProjectProblem solved
1Sofia TavlaAnatomic running shoe that eliminates supination complicationsThe aim of this idea is to support athletes who are suffering from supination and its consequences which mainly are stress fractures in the feet and legs, swelling of the angle and foot, weakness and ankle pain by using a midsole which expands with electricity and, subsequently, counterbalances the sole.
2ARGYRO ATHANASOPOULOUIntelligent high heelsThe modern and delicate stilettos, are painful and harmful not only for the feet, but also for the whole body. Women are really fond of them, but are afraid to wear them in their everyday life and some of them avoid them completely, because they find them inconvenient and difficult to walk in. With the above technologies that would not be a problem anymore.
3Anastasios Antonopoulos Smart Shoe The smart shoe fully understands the user’s environment and the type of activity he / she does, with the shoe adapting to and responding to the needs of each person in his / her day. Its ergonomic design will allow the foot not to get tired after many hours of use.
4KONSTANTINA CHASIOTIΤhe bright shoe The shoes contain sensors and according to different investigations the sensor will hold for about a year of use maybe and a little above.Another problem is the high cost they will have because they have the sensors and the bluetooth which is necessary so the person hear the sound that will clarify the existence of a obstacle.
5Vassilis LiliopoulosE-Active ShoeA shoe for any environment and activity (land or water).
A shoe which adjusts in any type of foot (no worries about the size of the shoe). Reduced feet injuries and improved comfort.
A shoe without laces.
6Rocío OlayaMidsole boxMainly focused on the using of personal insoles in open summer shoes, where the insole doesn’t move and is hidden without modifying the bite and the vamp position. Also solves the problems derived from adding a personal insole in closed shoes where less space is available for the foot, normally cramping the toes, middle of the foot and misplacing the heel.
7PABLO JASPERSSECOND SKINThe problem that tries to solve the product is to make a completely personalized technical shoe, adapting completely to each foot, differentiating even right and left foot, thus allowing the total connection of the athlete with the element. In addition, to monitoring all user activities, allowing an exhaustive control of the development of the sport, creating very detailed databases, study the evolution, even detect injuries instantly.
8Esteban Del ValleAlexandria 3d+Resolves the shortage or near absence of iCad3D + online textures material available to work on footwear design.
9Chasan TzampazChangeable SolesOur idea to produce this product is mainly to solve the economic issue. there will be the possibility to use one shoe for three different sports. It will also be easy to replace damaged spoils and to buy new instead of a new shoe that will be more expensive.
Shoes with GPSWhen someone is looking down or is doing something on their phone the light display will be able to guide them without having too look up or get distracted when they are doing something else on their phone. For example you could be touring around a city taking pictures uploading videos and reading about the things you see without having too look on a map all the time.
11Emmanouil FragkakisInnovative farmer’s shoeBasic characteristic of the footwear, I have designed, is the stability it offers because of its scratch-like mechanism, just above the ankles, and the reinforced material around the heel. As a result, footwear fit tightly round the feet and you don’t have the feeling of galosh like shoes (difficult to manage, uncomfortable). The shoes, I propose, are also cheap, because of the plastic and rubber material used for its production.
Heated Rechargeable BootsThe problem that is being solved is the cold feet feel, which people who work outdoors suffer from, especially during the winter. Also, because this application refers to a boot-type shoe, is going to become the ultimate work boot due to the super-heavy and durable construction and resistant materials that being used to the structure. So, by wearing these pair of boots, you forget about cold feet feeling, which is going to help increase the productivity of the users, making their life more comfortable.
EN ShoeThe main goal of “The En shoes” is to eliminate the frostbites that a lot of people suffer, cause of the cold weather. Ιmagine a hiker going on a mountain walk, during winter and get stuck in an area full of snow with very low temperature, so he is freezing. Using the “The En shoes” he can use the energy, he produced during his walk, to heat up his legs.
Intelligent SoleThe issue that will be solved is that the consumer wants a shoe that fits his own preferences. He will be able to walk, run or have any activity wearing shoes that fits his/her own feet.
Summer ShoesEverybody knows the ugly, not elegant and not discreetly plastic shoes that elder people are
wearing in the summer to prevent burnings, cuttings and scratches. The problem that I solve is that this shoe is so discreetly and easy to apply it, that everyone can wear it without feeling embarrassing or out of the fashion. Furthermore, the basic and most simple problem that I am solving is the burnings and cuttings on rocky and sharp beach that you want to walk.
Versatile ShoeEliminates the need for multiple shoes, it is space-efficient when packing, money-efficient when buying shoes and all occasions-appropriate.
Recyclable materialsThe shoe industries highly pollute the environment, as they use toxic materials for the manufacturing of their designs. This shoe design proposes new methods of production and new materials to be used that are not harmful to the environment.
Military ShoesThis boot will provide comfort and facility for the wearer. It will solve the problem of excessive weight and discomfort of the rest military boots. In addition, it will help the user conserve energy due to the elasticity of the sole.
Running ShoesThe weight of this type of shoes is still a big issue for the companies that produce it since none has been weight less than 127gr. Moreover, there is no shoes until now that has the design of ‘sock’ which offers stability and at the same time to be durable. The reason for this is that they don’t use tough and rigid materials such as carbon in combination with polymers so as to be as rigid and as elastic as is preferred.
The Shoes for every WeatherThere is a need of having shoes for every type of weather, meaning having pairs for when it’s raining or when the temperature is high or low, with this product you solve the problem of rain and high temperatures.
Temp ShoeFeet, because of the specialised blood vessels with high volumes of blood through them, help human body to keep a stable body temperature by blood circulation. The temp-shoe gives the advantage in customers for a better feeling of temperature in every condition, increase blood circulation, reduce feet fatigue and benefiting a better feet health.
Volley Ball ShoesDuring the volleyball game, every athlete should feel sure about every step he makes. Every step must be strong, steady and most important of all safe. So this is the problem I’m trying to solve, or to improve, because the athletes’ needs are increasing as the time goes by.
Surfer ShoesThis specific product provides surfer with a high quality shoe that lasts in time and resists water, dirt and adverse circumstances. Till now surfer’s shoes make their life difficult as it is not the same to surf barefoot and surf with a nylon surf shoe. The finger shoe resembles barefoot experience and has an innovative configuration.
Intelligence SoleBy purchasing this product, the user will not be bothered by wearing this shoe, since the sole will be specially made for his foot from his own data and for each leg separately. It will be possible to change the bottom by ordering a new one. In this way, we solve the problem of having a inconvenient and tiring shoe, which they can not re-wear it.
Adaptable ShoeΣε κάποιον ο οποίος φοράει μέγεθος παπουτσιού 44 με 60 κιλά η σόλα του παπουτσιού μπορεί να του φανεί πολύ σκληρή γιατί θα πρέπει να εξυπηρετεί και άτομα του ίδιου μεγέθους (44) που μπορεί να είναι και 100+ κιλά . Τα παπούτσια λοιπόν αυτά θα είναι πιο ποιοτικά και θα βοηθάνε περισσότερο στο περπάτημα ή την άσκηση .
Changeable HeelsΔεν αντιμετωπίζω κάποιο πρόβλημα στην κατασκευή του, όμως το μοναδικό σημείο που πρέπει να εστιαστεί η προσοχή είναι το μεταλλικό κούμπωμα τόσο του τακουνιού όσο και της φιάπας. Θα πρέπει να είναι ταυτόχρονα εύχρηστα και σταθερά για το πόδι.
Energy ShoesThe idea is primarily to save energy. For example, instead of charging his mobile phone at home, the user will be able to charge the already stored energy without having to consume natural resources. In addition, they have more motivation to go for walking or running to improve their physical condition.
Shoe with SiliconWith this new product women will feel comfortable wearing their pointy toe single sole high heel pumps. Pointy toe shoes are very painful because they press the toes and force them to take not common shape. This fact is getting worse when shoes are high heels because feet tend to slip front so the toe pressure gets bigger and the final toe shape is worst. Silicone gel smooth the pressure and absorbs vibrations.
4D FOAM shoeThis particular shoe, with the use of 4D dynamic energy flow, channeling heat around the tread, in order to
relax and relieve muscular pain. Rejuvenates the foot. Consists of breathable fabric, which does not leave the leg sweat too much, keeping it warm. The 4D technology prevents the dry heat. Finally, thanks to the memory foam which absorbs vibrations, offers support to the joints of the body and the spinal column. Thanks to the bottom property to ‘ remember ‘ the tread, the insoles relieve intense pressure on the feet, blisters and swelling.
Shoe with Space Blanket Lighter insulation and less bulky can be made.
The product can be much cheaper and easier to make than the existing types of insulation.
Easily adopted by anyone by using the sock version.
The sock version of the product will make it easier for anyone to use it, especially for those who don’t want to buy a new pair of shoes or/and live in areas with periodically cold weather.
Shoes with GPS While travelling we have to check the gps or maps, every now and then, in order to reach the destination we care about. For that reason, based on that particular shoe, we have the advantage to walk without holding our phone , while admiring the sights. That way, every tour at any place is more comfortable, delightfull and easier.
Changeable heels Do you have an important appointment after the job but you do not have time to go home to change?
Then these shoes are the solution to your problem!
These shoes help you to change your look for each occasion, fit into different styles depending on the bottom that you put on and so you do not need to have other shoes with you for any occasion
Shoe like Sock This product aims to solve the difficulties that someone is facing, while being out of the house for too many hours. As a lot of people start there day, the have to pay attention on their tasks and jobs along with the weather conditions, that they will face for the rest of the day. So, they need to be prepared and comfortable against long walks, stay standing and temperature and weather changings. Yet, also being stylish.
Clever shoe The main aim of those shoes is to reduce the problems many people have with their feet and vertebral column. Approximately 75% of people will present in their lives problems of varying degrees of severity at these points of their body.
Shoes that charge phones
We are living in an era, during which, people use many portable devices in their daily lives – with their mobile phones being the number one of them. The quick pace of life makes recharging the batteries of these devices a necessity, since people-especially students spend a great amount of their time away of their home. As a result, whenever someone wears this pair of innovative shoes, has also the benefit of charging his/her mobile
phone. It is also another motive for the wearer to spend less time on a chair and instead walk – or move – more. It can be used in the gym or during exercise as well.
Omnipresent At first, the ‘’omnipresent’’ shoe solves the problem of space as it is unnecessary a stand-by pair of shoes. Secondly, it solves the problem of time as is avoided the time that someone spends so as to bring football shoes from home. Finally it is good concerning financial side as it is not essential the purchase of three different pairs of shoes but of the ‘’omnipresent’’ shoe only.
Sole that gets warm Human feet get cold very easy so with this pair of shoes we can reduce cold in situations such as snow, rain and freezing cold. So it would be an excellent choice for winter seasons.
Custom Air Shoes The problems we are addressing with this proposal are the athlete’s comfort during the exhausting and demanding process of the game and at the same time their own performance providing a new generation tool especially designed for this role. Better fit of the shoe to the foot will result in comfortable and intriguing experience for the wearer that will feel more motivated and less limited to offer 100% of their skills on the field. Smoother external surfaces will eliminate any limitations that the uneven and loose laces created before and maximize the ball handling and control skills of the player.
39Nerea AlbertoThe future of the footwear industryCreation of a futurist company based on the technological implementation of robotic arms and electronic devices in real time included on: each one of productive process, from the reception of raw materials, to delivery of the final products; the services offered inside and outside the company; and in all products. All that with environmental responsibility provide for itself electricity and water to reduce costs to; and using biodegradable components. To achieve always the objectives of additional quality.
The main objetive is a footwear industry revolution to a need revaluation of the Europeans shoes and to compete whit asiatic production.
40Muaz ErtürkTrans shoesChangeable products
41İlknur KalaycıRobotic ShoesRobotic shoes with a single button you can have the look and function you want. Our future will be a beneficial product for our future by advancing science and technology while also preventing the use of disposable products and multiple products. It will be a fully customizable product.
42Oğuz Can GÖKÇESMART SHOE IN THE ERA OF TECHNOLOGYSmart shoe for the women wearing high heels shoes.
43Olcay SerinPERA

Wearable orthopedic technology
44Ahmet Emin KoçProfessionally Trained ShoemakersThe insufficiency of the number of professionally trained employees in the shoe sector adversely affects production and productivity.
45Valentini ArgyropoulouNature on the shoe loopIn an era where everything changes, why the shoes should remain the same? At the moment conscious consumers are on the rise as the veganism movement does too. Shoe companies offer “vegan shoes” which are primarily made out of plastic/ petroleum/ PVC/ PU or fabrics. While we can not avoid plastic totally, there might be some more eco-friendly ways to tackle the issue.
46Mert EfeSupply chain management in footwearMonitoring daily production amount
47Aleksandra OttaComfortable High Heel ShoeMy idea is an elegant, comfortable and warm boot for women. As it seems in the sketch I try to emphasize in stylish and comfort at the same time. These high heels boots are very attractive and provide an innovation on the bottom, which makes it very useful for women to wear them even every day. The main idea is to combine fashionable style outside with comfort and warm inside.
48Maria-Panagiota SofiouComfshoe-SSIt’s an innovative smart shoe in order to maintain the ideal conditions of the foot, the comfort and the recording of the daily exercise. Ideal for athletes- protects against extreme temperatures-records steps, distances, calories and average daily activity.
49Kostantinos KosmatosThe OUTSHOEImagine that not having to buy different athletic shoes for your various sporting activities and just relying on a single pair of shoes to fulfill all your athletic needs.
50Savvas Iakovidiswork shoeThe general idea about the project is for one safety shoes for one simple employ in production how is the most important because put it on every day for eight hours at least. Need to be safety in every step who does. The shoes are huge problem for everyone is something like a tool for the employs in production.
51Georgia GianniotiAdaptable HeelsThe main idea of the product service is a heel that adjusts its height depending on women’s needs and mood. The heights of heel can be 5, 7, 10, 12cm in order to conform in any occasion. The purpose of this idea is the creation of a comfortable shoe without compromising style.
52Kostantinos TsakanelisAdjustable ShoeThe idea that is presented is an outsole embedded with sensors that will detect the terrain the shoes are on and adjust the insole for a better movement with less traction.
53Nikolaos GallosA Carbon Fiber Tape wovenFashionable heated mens shoes. A Carbon Fiber Tape woven inside the shoe. If voltage is applied to it, infrared heat will be emmited in order to create a more comfortable enviroment for the feet. There is also an LED light that lets the user know the batteries condition and a switch so that the heating can be turned on & off.
54Evgenia-Dimitra KatsimichaMountaineering ShoesThe innovation in these shoes is to have a mechanism that has the ability to measure the musculoskeletal vibrations of the tread as well as the roughness of the soil. In this way this mechanism will adjust the flexibility of the sole according to the ground at the specific moment which the climber is.
55Athanasia TheodoropoulouPolymorphic ShoeThe idea is about a polymorphic shoe which adjusts the height of the shoe with technology located on the back part of the sole and also with similar technology on the front part of the sole allows to remove the toe cap. Moreover the shoe with an extra fitment it is turned into a boot.
56Ioannis SyntichakisAdjustable Heel HeightMy idea is a woman’s shoe with an adjustable height heel, depending on what a woman wants and needs every time. The heel will be a specially designed creation from hard metal with different levels of
height that can be increased and reduced from 20 cm to 4cm
57Dimitra TsoumpaBiker ShoesMy idea is to make a pair of shoes for bicycle and motorcycle riders that will light and blink during the night on command of the driver, in order to make others know when and where the vehicle is going to turn, and as a result make these types of transportation safer.
58Georgios TasiopoulosChangeable SolesShoes with reshaped sole. More specifically, with these shoes, the consumer will be able to change the sole at any time. The process is simple and quick to get the kind of shoe you want, as long as you have that particular sole with you.
59Ioannis AntonakakisShoes With WheelsSport shoes for daily walking, which are equipped with retractable wheels (in the sole)