The consortium of the SHOEMAN project invites you to take part in the Innovative Footwear Competition. The Competition Rules and the corresponding Application Forms are presented next in this document.

You can also download the rules here


§ 1. Purpose of the Competition
1.1. The purpose of the Competition is to promote innovative footwear products, services, solutions and technologies and inspire the stakeholders’ creativity.

§ 2. Consortium of the Competition
2.1. The Competition is organized by the SHOEMAN consortium
TASEV – Turkiye ayakkabi sektoru arastirma gelistirme ve egitim vakfi, Istanbul, Turkey – coordinator
TASEV school – TASEV mesleki ve teknik anadolu lisesi, Istanbul, Turkey
CRE.THI.DEV – Creative Thinking Development, Athens, Greece
CIAPE – Centro Italiano per l’Apprendimento Permanente, Rome, Italy
ČOKA – Czech footwear and leather association, Zlín, Czech
INESCOP – Instituto Tecnologico del Calzado y Conexas, Alicante, Spain
ISC GERMANY – International Shoe Competence center Pirmasens gGmbH, Pirmasens, Germany
TUC – The research committee of the technical University of Crete, Chania, Greece
TUIASI – Universitatea tehnica Gheorghe Asachi din Iasi, Iasi, Romania
VC – Virtual Campus Lda, Porto, Portugal

§ 3. General rules
3.1. The Competition is open for any ideas related to products, technologies, solutions or services in the frame of footwear industry that are not currently commercialized.

3.2. Participation in the Competition is free of charge.

3.3. The Competition is open for any interested stakeholder from any country.

3.4. Only individuals (not groups) over eighteen years old can participate in this competition.

3.5. Each participant may submit a maximum of 3 proposals.

3.6. The ownership and the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) involved in the submission remains entirely with the Participant and the Competition Consortium will not be involved in any IPR disputes.

§ 4. Organization and process
4.1. Participants can only submit proposals using the provided application forms, templates and submission tools.

4.2. Stage 1
  a. Participants must submit their application forms via the Virtual Challenge Community platform (SHOEMAN VCC) on the web page
  b. The deadline for submission is the 30.11.2019.
  c. Participants with accepted proposals will be notified by e-mail by the 04.12.2019 that they are proceeding to the next round of the competition.

4.3. Stage 2
  a. Accepted participants have to prepare a business plan for their proposal based on the provided 2nd stage template and submit it at
  b. The deadline for submission is the 31.12.2019.
  c. . All the complete proposals will be available for Competition Consortium from 06.01.2020

4.4. Voting for the best ideas will be done by Competition Consortium from the 07.01.2020 until 14.01.2020

4.5. Following the voting the twelve projects with the highest score will be awarded. Awarded participants will be invited to a five-day training stay.
  a. Awarded participants must confirm their participation in the training stay by the 31.01.2020. If an awarded participant cannot attend the training stay for any reason, the Competition Consortium may invite the participant with the next best score.
  b. If, after confirmation, an awarded participant fails to participate in the training stay, he/she will be responsible for all the costs incurred until that moment by the Competition Consortium in relation to his/her participation in the training stay.

4.6. The five-day training stay will take place at the George Asachi Technical University in Iasi, Romania from 30.03.2020 to 03.04.2020
  a. The first and last days of this period will be allocated for traveling.
  b. Participants in the training stay will be reimbursed of travel, accommodation and subsistence costs.
  c. In the end of the training stay each participant will present an improved description of their proposal using the final stage template document
  d. Participants will also make a presentation of their project using the provided slide template.
  e. A jury composed by the Competition Consortium members will score each proposal

4.7. The three best proposals will be awarded with the support to submission to platform.
  a. The support consists in giving tips to the winners for describing their projects in a way that enables them submission to the
  b. The selected participants are entirely responsible for the campaign and by following the rules. The funds raised by the campaign will be totally at the disposal of the winners and the Competition Consortium will not be responsible for the eventual fail of the campaign.
  c. The Competition Consortium will not be responsible for not collecting adequate funds during the Indiegogo campaign.

§ 5. Prizes
5.1. All Participants who have submitted their ideas per the Competition Rules will receive a “Certificate of Participation”.

5.2. The twelve best proposals in stage 2 receive a diploma and an invitation to a five-day training stay at the Technical University in Iasi, Romania from 30.03.2020 to 03.04.2020.

5.3. The three best proposals presented after the training stay will receive support to launch their crowdfunding campaign through

Required Information

1st Stage
At the 1st stage participants will complete the online application form (Application form for idea originators) on the SHOEMAN Virtual Challenge Community platform with the following information:
• Project title
• First name
• Last name
• E-mail
• Country
• Description of idea (5 lines)
• Features of Product/Service/Technology (10 Lines)
• What problem is being solved (5 lines) • Description of the target market (5 lines)
Available at:

2nd Stage
At the 2nd stage participants will formalize
• Desktop survey of relative rival products/ services
• Product Benchmark or SWOT analysis of product/ service
• Strategy for early adopters
• Present the proposal
Available at:

Final Stage (Training Stay)
During the training stay participants will develop
• Tentative operations plan and marketing plan
• Project presentation Available at: