Over the last years, the European footwear sector is demanding more specialized expertise and new skills suitable to company’s specific requirements towards new business models, innovative and high-tech technologies, design and styling, environment issues etc.

Within this context, the necessary qualification requirements for working in the European footwear industry must be redefined in order for the labor market to be reinvigorated with skilled professionals that will offer their full potential to the industry.

SHOEMAN aims to provide the instruments for this re-engineering of the footwear sector and offer to the existing and aspiring managers of the sector the most up-to-date information and training according to the anticipations of required skills and training needs, knowledge and information.

SHOEMAN aims to reach a large number of persons using different communications activities and channels by promoting the project and its results among European organizations and end-users. Almost 1500 persons are estimated to be informed about the project and benefit from its activities, including VETs, policy-makers, associations and organisations dealing with footwear, universities, research centres, managers of the sector and potential ones and trainers.