SHOEMAN will produce a set of 6 intellectual outputs that materialize the project objectives, supported by management activities and an exploitation plan that will ensure the dissemination of its results even after the project has ended. The activities include:

Output 1 – The development of a research report, based on desk and field research, depicting the state of the art for the footwear sector, basis for the development of the other project outputs (2,3,4,5,6) and a comparative study of the footwear sector which can also be consulted by external stakeholders interested in studying the industry,

Output 2 – The development of a European Qualification Framework (EQF) of the New Manager for an Efficient and Innovative Footwear Industry, a descriptor of qualifications based on learning outcomes and with ECVET scores,

Output 3 – The development of the MOOC “New manager of the footwear industry”, a freely accessible and open licensed training platform dedicated to the improvement of knowledge and skills of managers and potential managers,

Output 4 – The creation of the Virtual Challenge Community, a community made of relevant stakeholders active in the sector of footwear, that will serve as a platform for the Innovative Footwear Products Competition and that will, at the end of the project, lead to the launch of a crowd funding campaign for the winners with the most innovative footwear products,

Output 5 – The development of a Book of lectures for the Intensive training course, training material related to footwear company management and product development, it can be used by external organisations willing to organise courses for footwear managers and entrepreneurs

Output 6 – A Decalogue of the 10 benefits deriving from the collaboration between companies, research and training centres in developing innovative footwear products, a document which presents the 10 benefits deriving from the collaboration between companies, research and training centres.

The intellectual outputs developed by SHOEMAN will be concrete and transferable, so that they can be exploited  both by the partners and other stakeholders. The research activity implemented during SHOEMAN can be the starting point for implementing research activities in the field. Managers and potential managers will be offered the opportunity to access the MOOC on the platform even after the end of the project and the world of Education, Research and Industry will have the opportunity to be part of a community which will be the ground for developing innovative footwear products, new projects and common initiatives.